Our Staff

Our staff is committed to our students. They’re fun, dedicated, and help our students every step of the way. No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. They are signed on for the long haul –They will check in, nag if needed and believe in our students fiercely, imperfections and all.

Photo of Abigail “Abi” Romero

Abigail “Abi” Romero

College Preparation Cohort Manager 11th Grade

Alexis Evans

Mental Health Services Manager

Allison Wood

Therapeutic Case Manager
Photo of Brittney Sniezak

Brittney Sniezak

College Success Coach

Carrie Henderson

11th Grade Content Manager

Claire Rone

STLCC Transition Specialist

Danielle Marvin

Therapeutic Case Manager

Sarah Plumb

Senior Manager of Grants & Communications
Photo of Tylar Searcy

Tylar Searcy

College Prep Manager - 10th grade