Mission & Vision


Through an individualized, holistic, and multi-year commitment, CB empowers students from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete higher education and enter successful careers.


College Bound students will navigate barriers to higher education attainment and enter successful careers and live fulfilling lives of choice and opportunity.

North Star Goals:

  • 65% of CB students in To & Through will complete higher education with a bachelor’s degree within six years of high school graduation.
  • 40% of CB@STLCC students will complete either an associate degree or other high-quality credential or certificate within four years of starting STLCC.
  • CB students receiving their degrees will have less debt than the national average for graduates (currently $28,950) and will be on a path to career-relevant employment.

Diversity Statement:

College Bound believes in the power of diversity as a starting point in the pursuit of racial, gender, social, and economic justice. We strive to create a culture where every individual is valued. We demand accountability and action from all individuals to serve with an open mind and from a place of compassion, love, and humility.

As an organization and as a community, College Bound commits to active listening and collaboration between students, families, alumni, and staff to grow in understanding of how diversity and equity shape our work.

Core Values

Foundation of Trust

We strive relentlessly to be trustworthy to our colleagues, partners, families and students. At trust’s root is teamwork, reliability and integrity.

Focus on Achievement

Although the path may be long and challenging, we never equivocate from fulfilling our mission: college degree attainment. We hold ourselves to clear, bold goals to ensure that we’re winning the long game.

Responsibility to Reflect

We intentionally take time to analyze our actions, behaviors, and data in the pursuit of continual improvement. We never stop learning from research, our partners, and each other.

Spirit of Gratitude

We celebrate the opportunity to work side-by-side with our students, colleagues, partners, families and donors. Each day, we find joy in our long journey.