11th Grade

The Junior year is heavily focused on the ACT. Students start their year taking a baseline assessment and creating an individualized growth plan with their coach to help them gain more choice in the college admissions process.

Goal-Oriented Work

Most of this goal-oriented work is led by creating strong college lists, which outlines colleges that students have their eye on. Students meet weekly to practice strategy, content, and study habits. Once students have taken an official ACT we shift and start working on the college admissions process. We work on research, interview skills, and compelling essay composition. Each student should walk away with a finalized college list, a college essay draft, and a strong ACT score to start their senior year.

Coaching in the junior year is about understanding self. Students research colleges with their coaches and identify components of college that fit their unique strengths and needs. They also identify personal academic strengths and habits that they want to leverage or improve throughout their individual coaching time. Students take both their college goals and their academic habit intentions to identify an individual track in the second semester. Students work with their coach to identify if they will work on specific academic gaps, study habits, career exploration or community service.