10th Grade

In the 10th grade, students will begin a developmental path which will take them to college with the confidence and skills needed to accomplish their ambitions.

Understanding Unique Potential

The primary purpose of the program at this stage is to understand the unique potential of each student and what resources and approaches will help them realize the upper limits of it. As part of this process, students will discover their interests and become energized by finding out they can develop the strengths necessary to pursue them.

Students will spend most of the year exploring the mindsets and learning habits that will maximize their growth. Our classes are designed to emphasize the skills and behaviors needed to do well in a collegiate environment. Each student will have a coach to work with them one on one to adjust to these new expectations by defining their importance and helping them take the needed steps to obtain success. By the end of the year, students should be knowledgeable about the learning process, open to new information, excited about taking on new challenges, and able to take in feedback for the purpose of self-understanding and growth.

Students will end the year testing their progress and being exposed to actual college classes in College Bound Summer Institute, with the chance to earn free college credit!