How do we help? We commit to our students for seven to nine years, every step of the way: increasing ACT scores, mastering Algebra II, coping with lifecycle events like grief, college financial literacy, first internships, first suits and first jobs.

Here’s what we offer:


10th Grade

In the 10th grade, students will begin a developmental path which will take them to college with the confidence and skills needed to accomplish their ambitions.


11th Grade

The Junior year is heavily focused on the ACT. Students start their year taking a baseline assessment and creating an individualized growth plan with their coach to help them gain more choice in the college admissions process.

12th grade

12th Grade/College Counseling

CB’s college counseling program is threaded throughout the program but is the main focus of 12th grade.

Photo of Graduate


College Bound’s college success model is hyper-individualized. After working with students for three years in our prep program, we can project how each student will handle the transition to college and offer them targeted coaching to help them find success.

Mental Health Services

College Bound assesses all of our students every year to proactively identify mental health needs and provides personal wellness services, individual therapy, and therapeutic case management.



Some students who come to us as 10th graders matriculate to St. Louis Community College (STLCC) with a plan to transfer to a four-year college or university after earning their associate’s degree. We also have a separate pilot program with STLCC which is described in further detail here.