Our Approach

In recognition of the exceedingly complex reality first-generation, low-income individuals face navigating the demanding path to college graduation and a successful career, College Bound’s program works in partnership with St. Louis area students and their families to support them every step of the way to individual success.

First Generation Challenges

Through a long-term and holistic relationship between our students and us, we provide the individualized support, the advocacy, and the developmental experiences each student needs to confidently and purposefully walk on a campus and achieve their dream.

Our program is built upon providing students specific types of opportunities, the kind that foster personal passion and expand feelings of possibility. We support students in maximizing their growth from each experience by helping them focus on four essential questions.

What is the best approach for learning and growth?

What can I discover about my interests and purpose?

What do I need from myself and others to be successful?

What path do I take when faced with a decision?

Using these questions to empower students

These reflections are meant to help students realize how they can shape their own future. We then strive to empower students with the strategies and resources needed to obtain the outcomes they seek.

As a program, we also have a question for ourselves – What do our students need? College Bound asks this question on a continual basis, always evaluating whether there is something more that we can be doing. We are committed to taking the bold and innovative steps necessary to ensure that our students receive a full measure of what it is required.