Jane Lee

AmeriCorps Coach
Jane Lee

What do you want College Bound students to learn from your college experience?
You’re going to discover a world you didn’t even know you didn’t know existed. It’ll blow your mind but make you a better person in the end.

What is the best piece of advice you received about college? While you were in college?
Taking care of yourself comes first. Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay; after you’ve worked harder than you thought you could, stayed up later than you probably should have, and pushed through the procrastination, sometimes you think you can’t go any further. But you can. There are people and places out there that are exist to help you. So use them. It’ll be okay.

What is the benefit of a college degree for a first generation student?
You get to give back to your family and all the people who came before you that made it possible for you to go to college. You’ve met people and new ideas and your world becomes so much bigger because you know that if you’ve overcome every obstacle life has thrown your way, you can– and WILL– overcome the next one.

How did you overcome your biggest challenge in college?
I had to realize that it was okay to not be okay; that just because my idea of success and plans for it didn’t work out the way I thought it should, didn’t make me “less than.” I reached out to people around me for help and they encouraged me to be open with my professors and also use school resources (like the Counseling Center).