Courtney Yoder

AmeriCorps Coach
Courtney Yoder

Why do you do his work?
I do this work because I believe that anyone who wants the opportunity to go to college should have that chance. I love working with our students!

In your view, what is the value of successfully completing higher education?
The value of successfully completing higher education is that it opens doors that lead to some amazing opportunities!

What is one piece of advice you would have for a CB student entering college?
My advice for a student entering college is to stay organized and to not be afraid to ask for help! It is so easy to get behind and lose focus. Lean on the people who are there for you, go to tutoring, and USE A PLANNER!

What is the best piece of advice you received about college? While you were in college?
The best piece of advice I received about college was to make sure I took time for myself and enjoyed the experience as a whole. I was there to go to class and get an education, but I also wanted to make new friends, join clubs, and enjoy my time there!