Sexual life can be improved by three simple words spoken by a partner during an intimate process with top-quality medicines. This conclusion was reached by the online shop, which sells generic medicines at affordable prices, according to the results of the survey. Researchers asked questions of two thousand Americans.

And as it turned out, the most reliable action is the phrase “I like it” (I like that), it scored 76%. Experts believe that lack of communication affects sexual dissatisfaction. And such words can quickly defuse the situation. “More popular than the phrase “I like it” was just a kiss on the neck from the back. Interestingly, the men interviewed considered the offer “I like it” especially important, and among them, it took the first place, while among women it got only the second place.

Online pharmacies in the UK have been around for two decades. But it was in recent years that their influence has notably increased. According to a YouGov survey conducted in early 2019 by the General Pharmaceutical Council, about 25% of UK residents express a desire to buy Kamagra from viaQX online pharmacy services.

The third place was taken by the emotions experienced from the undressing of the partner,” the article says. In addition, ear bites and eye contact were popular. Sex toys at best possible prices also turned out to be popular. Almost half of the respondents admitted that such attributes excite them.