Our Results

College Bound has had a strong record of success in helping promising low-income, first-generation students get into and graduate from college.  The following externally validated outcomes position College Bound among the top performing college access and success programs in the nation.

  • 99% of College Bound’s students have graduated from high school compared to only 68% of St. Louis Public School students and 53%  of low-income students living in cities.
  • 94% of College Bound students have matriculated to college immediately after high school, compared to 66% of St. Louis Public School graduates and only 51% of low-income graduates nationwide.
  • 88% of College Bound students have re-enrolled for their sophomore year, and 82% have re-enrolled for their junior year.  By comparison, fewer than 50% of low-income students nationally re-enroll for their junior year and just 11% of low-income first generation students graduate within six years.
  • In 2014, CB collegians graduated at FIVE TIMES the rate of their low-income, first-generation peers, and above the rate of students with family incomes of $100,000+.