Mental Health Services

Recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to college access and success, College Bound provides personal wellness and mental health services.

Wellness as a Priority

Our wellness program is something that all our students participate in, consisting of socioemotional lessons and individual coaching on positive habits that enhance wellbeing. Mindfulness, personal expression, social connection, diet, exercise, and other measures help protect students from the rigors and stress of college while creating a better climate for individual growth and high performance.

Mental health services are available on time limited basis to any student with needs and include mental health screenings and assessments, psychoeducational groups, individual and group therapy, and therapeutic case management. Though students can ask for these services at any times, we are committed to staying connected with all our students and reaching out to them proactively to let them know we are here to support them when the need arises. Our staff members are trained to consider the role of mental health and wellbeing when observing and reflecting on their student’s behavior and are skilled at warmly and responsibly initiating and responding to conversations in this area. Respecting personal confidentiality and safety are important parts of this process.