12th Grade / College Counseling

CB’s college counseling program is threaded throughout the program but is the main focus of 12th grade.

To and Through College

Our approach is derived from best-practices from both college access programs across the nation and scholarly research and is all about leveling the playing the field, recognizing that our students deserve the same access to opportunities as their peers from high-income backgrounds. To meet our goal of each student persisting until degree completion, many steps are required along the way- raising students’ aspirations for college; helping students navigate college admissions; preparing students academically for college; acclimating students to the college environment; and involving parents in the college-going process. Visiting college campuses, meeting with admission representatives, and attending specialized workshops on college decision making all aid in the process. Throughout, counselors and coaches guide students through the maze of college and financial aid applications so that they present their best, authentic selves to college admission offices and, ultimately, have a variety of best-fit college options available to them to choose among.