What Do I Need?

When trying to achieve high performance, factors beyond natural ability and determination must be thought about when weighing chances at success.

Essential Qualities & How They Are Affected

The feelings and emotions one has on the inside and the contribution of the surrounding environment both play key roles in how well a student will do. Consider how the following qualities, essential to learning and performance, can be affected:


Focus is highly diminished by stress, exposure to trauma, and the perceived negative judgment of others


Motivation is often undermined by physical and mental health issues that cause fatigue


Receptivity to feedback is reduced when we believe it is coming from a biased and harsh place, leaving feelings of shame and uncertainty about how to improve


Memory is dramatically reduced by stress, anxiety, and depression


Relationships, which is the medium we learn most of our skills through, is negatively impacted by poor interaction with peers and teacher

The College Bound program is designed specifically to help students gain awareness and appreciation for their needs. Our coaches and case managers are provided the time to listen carefully to what students have to say about their experience in different areas. Our approach is based in connecting each student to the underlying factors that could be affecting their growth and performance on each task. And we teach and support the evidence-based responses and habits that can make a positive difference.

We hope that the environment at College Bound will show each student what they can do when there is high expectations and high support for their development, but we will teach them the advocacy skills to ask for something different whenever the need arises. With this model in mind, they will be more prepared to evaluate and shape the academic and career settings they find themselves in. And we are always prepared to do our own advocacy in support of our students whenever appropriate.