Applications are accepted until all spots in the program are filled. A complete application consists of the Application, a Resume, Cover Letter, and Unofficial Transcript. Please follow instructions below to submit your application.

Here are the mandatory items you will need in order to submit a complete application:

  • Your Unofficial Transcript
    Request a copy of your Unofficial Transcript to be submitted with your complete application. Your current high school can provide this document.
  • Your Resume
    Tell us about the extracurricular and volunteer activities you are currently involved in at school or in the community in a Resume (Note: If you haven’t explored any yet that is ok too we want to see that your resume has at least your name and high school you are attending).
  • A Cover Letter
    Tell us more about yourself and why you want to participate in our program in a Cover Letter. In your cover letter describe yourself as a student and how you study. Tell us why you want to be a member of College Bound and how the program can help you meet your future goals. Lastly, explain three reasons why you made getting a college degree one of your goals in life.

Optional information that will benefit your application to the College Bound program:

  • Letter of Recomendation
    Choose a high school teacher who knows your work as a student and ask him or her to write a short letter of recommendation they can either give it to you with your application or can send it to
  • MAP Test Scores
    Contact the person who serves as the MAP Administrator for your school or district to get this information.

Online Application

We are pleased that you are interested in College Bound! Please fill out the following information completely.

Alternatively, you may also download a copy of this application and submit it to your high school guidance counselor or you may return the completed application directly to College Bound by mail, fax, or scanned and emailed.

Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview, so be sure to verify that all contact information is accurate.

College Bound Application

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College Bound
Please complete this full application. The answers you provide will be kept between you and College Bound. If there are any spaces you are unable to fill out, or if you have any questions about College Bound or the application process, please contact us at or cell: 314-745-0307

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Supplementary Materials
All of the information that we feel is crucial is making an admissions decision is contained within our required application. For students who believe additional material would be beneficial, below are the kinds of supplementary material we may consider:

1) Letter of Recommendation
2) Map Testing Scores (8th Grade)

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